Saturday, 21 May 2011


I need help badly!!!!

I have just managed to get onto my dashboard but it wont allow me to go on any of my DT's and leave a post!!!!

I can't leave any comments on your blog!!!!

This is my sisters L/T as mine wont even let me get this far has any body got any ideas? My computer say that my URL/Service Login is too large to process!!
Google error 414 (that's all we know) Then when I try to process a comment just
wont let me and gives a big number out!!! Can't remember that one as I was so mad and gave up!!!!

I am really behind now with my DT work and I'm so sorry!! Seem to be saying that a lot these days!

If anyone has any advise it would be greatly appreciated. That's if I even manage to get on my dashboard again!! lol

Love Chanelle xxx


Gez said...

Oh goodness! Will see if I can access Blogger help..xx

sara said...

oh chanelle what a nightmare sorry I have no idea how to help I just hand laptop to my OH when things don't work !! Try not to worry about you DT stuff they will understand
Hugs sara xx x

Happy Days said...

Have you tried blogger help? If not see if there are any known issues. Blogger is a complete pain in the bum atm - fingers crossed you get it sorted . xx

Carole of Brum said...

Gosh, Chanelle, big problems with blogger, the little b*gger! I can never comment on our DT blog either, but it still lets me comment everywhere else. No idea how to help either....have you tried the usual, restarting computer, logging out and logging back in to blogger, looking helpless until a kind man comes to fix it, lol? Hope you manage to sort it soon. coB

Stressed Stamper said...

Oh hun - not a clue - hate it when things play up....Turn it off have a G&T and turn it on again...and keep doing that...after a few times things will be better...hic...hic...

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie I had this same problem a few months back & when I went onto the blogger help thing a few other people were but didnt know how to fix it....we were all getting a number. Mine would you believe was like this for 2-3 days then it sorted itself & I got on. I know I've been no help & I'm so sorry hun all I can suggest is go onto blogger help if you can or maybe find something out through google. Sorry I cant be any further help but you shouldn't be sorry sweetie for something that is completely out of your control. I will keep my fingers crossed you are able to get it sorted soon shug.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

sandra said...

Not got a clue, hope you get it sorted soon. Was lovely to see you yesterday, summer is going to be a little heartbreaker, when she gets older. Love Sandra x

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie I'm sure people understand and I certainly hope you get it all figured out soon!! Smiles, *Vicki*

Sassylassy said...

Good luck with Blogger I know I had lost so many comments from my wonderful friends. I also had to re-do my password in order to leave comments again.
Hugs Bonnie