Thursday, 23 July 2009

Dad's Birthday

I am the bad daughter!! As I went to bed last night I realised it was Dad's birthday!!! Oh my god!! got sorted this morning and set to, just a quick card bit scrap bookish xx It's me and my sister with the darling father who is 69!! today xx
Love him to bits xx Did one for the girls but no time to take photo the daddy called thought I'd forgot! (What kind of daughter does he think I am) lol


sandra said...

A great card Chanelle, I bet he loved it. Love Sandra x

flutterbycrafter said...

This is a lovely card Chanelle, I agree with Sandra, bet he loved it.

memory-scrap said...

O wow what a gem of a card, I can't believe you knocked that one out so quick!! Really thoughtfull and I'm sure you're dad loved it. I totally adore the card on the post below too, the colours are just gorgeous, the golds, browns and greens make me thing of Autumn (my favourite time of year!). Have a great weekend Jane xx