Thursday, 11 December 2008

Fimo at the Craft Den

I am posting all my pictures today as my daughter had the camera over the weekend! This is Grumpy, made him on Saturday. Looks too happy to be called Grumpy.


maddy hill said...

chanelle love your grumpy ! and wow love your little craft studio
the answer to your question is Yes my friend was into graphics and did have a buisness at one time, but had a fimo stall in leed headrow - i had one in granary warf in leeds . I met Beverly when she bought some fimo fairies off me. she was then called Beverly Gray her hubby was a photographer . havent seen her in years and she was a dear friend - she also had a stall at chrimbo in the meadowhall centre - i use to demo and teach in hobbicraft in sheffield - then went on to designing for magazines , we sort went different ways when she gave up her stall in leeds. i think this could be the bev ive been looking for for ages ! if its the same one , she will definatly remember my name !!. We were very good friends - theres not many people who had the standard of fimo like we had 10 years ago - so we just clicked !
thanks soo much chanelle for the info it really made my day !
does she have a blog do you know ?
love maddy

Chanellesangels said...

Hi Maddy, thats great I will find out for you as I will see her on Monday as we are doing christmas angels!! Will give her your blogg address as well, what a small world. My craft space is very nice and neat today isn't it, but it wont be for long lol chanelle xx

maddy hill said...

mine is NEVER tidy !

chanelle - it is the same beverly !
I reconise her work any where lol thats what sparked the "whats your teachers name " lol
thankyou for sending the link to lynne - she has phoned bev and bev phoned me !!!! It was sooooo fabulous to hear her again !!!! its as if we have never had those years apart - thank you - between you and lynne you have just brought two dear friends in touch again !
so a big hug to you two ! xxx