Thursday, 4 December 2008

Craft Den Fimo Class

Had another really good night at the Craft Den doing a fimo witch!! Its a really good night plenty of crafting and gossip. We all had a good laugh trying to put our witch together as you can see from my picture, also posted a picture of the fairy from Saturday's class.


maddy hill said...

hi not sure if your name is chantelle like your blog - but Hi ! lol
thanks for the lovely comment on my blog . Glad your into fimo theres quite a few bits of tutorials on mine for it. Your fimo is Fab love your witch !
who is your teacher in sheffield btw .. i had a fabulous fimo friend crafter called Beverly in sheffield .

maddy hill said...

Hi Chanelle , sorry for getting your name wrong ! I think it maybe the same girl Beverly - Beverly and i did fimo in leeds, many years ago .. i would dearly love to get back in touch with her. I did reconise the certain style of the shoulders on the fimo we both have .. if its not the same lady then i bet either my beverly or me would have taught or had contact with your fimo teacher as only a few of us had that style... small world eh ?

crissi said...

awwwww how cute are they love the witch.