Friday, 22 May 2009

Scanned pictures!! how bad can it get.

Just don't look that close at the picture's, parents went on holiday and before I put my brain in gear when they said they couldn't find there camera I said take mine!! Oh my god take mine can you believe it! anyway I have scanned these as if you cant tell, but from today will be up and running again.

The card with the whiff of joy stamp was (Craft Den) for Laura who went on maternity leave yesterday!! the other card was for my nephews birthday a sugar nellie!!

Back to normal (fuzzy and not focused very well) but normal pictures tomorrow!

(If you click on the Little boy card please scroll down as it just shows the white background)


sandra said...

Lovely cards. Got a whiff of joy stamp Wednesday night from craft den, they were worth waiting for. Like the big gem in middle of flower beautiful. Love Sandra x

sue said...

these are lovely as usual i got this woj stamp last week not done anything with it yet oh and not bad scans either. lol sue

Lynne said...

Beautiful cards Chanelle. Love your new blog background. Love Lynne xx