Saturday 21 May 2011


I need help badly!!!!

I have just managed to get onto my dashboard but it wont allow me to go on any of my DT's and leave a post!!!!

I can't leave any comments on your blog!!!!

This is my sisters L/T as mine wont even let me get this far has any body got any ideas? My computer say that my URL/Service Login is too large to process!!
Google error 414 (that's all we know) Then when I try to process a comment just
wont let me and gives a big number out!!! Can't remember that one as I was so mad and gave up!!!!

I am really behind now with my DT work and I'm so sorry!! Seem to be saying that a lot these days!

If anyone has any advise it would be greatly appreciated. That's if I even manage to get on my dashboard again!! lol

Love Chanelle xxx