Saturday 25 October 2014

My First Wedding Postbox xx

No card today but I have a post box that I did for my Niece Sam's Wedding
its the only one I've ever done but the end result was lovely and I know that the happy couple loved it so was worth the extra stress!!!!! lol
The only info we had was she wanted Vintage and the table decorations where bird cages
and she sent cream and gold ribbons. 
Kerry helped me cover the box in paper first which was a task in its self it was a nightmare we couldn't stop laughing at the state and to top it of Kerry was unwell with her asthma so not being able to breath properly and laughing well they just don't go.
Luckily my stash is full of allsorts so its was no problem with the detail.

I sat and made some of the flowers from ribbons and added brads to the centre.
That's it I'm sorry I have no picture of it at the venue Kerry did send me one but I can't find it and I actually lost my camera that night and all my photos where on it I'm gutted as I also made them a "Mr n Mrs Smith Banner" but no pictures of that either!!!! 
 I must be more careful or say no to an extra glass of red!!!!! lol
Well that's it from me I'm off colouring.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Love and Hug's Chanelle xxxx