Monday 19 April 2010

Hello to Summer!!!!!!

Well at last she is here!!

We have had a very traumatic weekend which ended with the safe arrival of Summer!!

There little family is now complete!! Mum & Dad where so proud of there little bundle, Brett said he couldn't believe how cute she was!!! and Rochelle just kept smiling as she couldn't believe she was hers!!!

Rochelle allowed me to take this for her Scrapbook!!!! lol I think she looks beautiful considering what she has been through!! and she did it so well!!

Summer weighted in at 8lbs 9oz!!! and is so beautiful!!!

The proud Dad giving Summer a bottle!! and boy did she enjoy it, I just couldn't believe how well she just accepted it!! and it was so cute watching her little cheeks sucking "she was sooo hungry".

Then just to finish the weekoff I put my computer on and my god I had won Donalda's blog candy!!!! Thanks Donald can't wait for the beautiful goodies to arrive!!!