Sunday 12 July 2009

Bo Bunny "Love Shack"

Had two great classes at the Craft Den this week, Wednesday night class which is always very noisy was silent we where busy concentrating on our copic's!!! colouring in demands so much attention that we didn't have much time to chat lol.

Thursday is scrap booking and this week we used the beautiful "Love Shack" as you can see from the pictures we did a bit of cutting out, inking and threading ribbon onto our layout we also used some fabulous lace this was new in this week!! we only had about an inch which we cut into the four little pieces so you can imagine how gorgeous this actually is in a continuous piece!! The picture is my daughter a few year back (she said it's awful as she looks like a chav!!) I think she looks beautiful especially with the pearl bling down the side as she also loves a bit of bling and pink!!