Saturday 4 April 2009

Crop day at the Craft Den.

Well had the perfect day today at the Craft Den! Spent the whole day doing Scrapbook pages!! with Lynne, Anita, Joanne & Norma. Here are the layouts we did, they where all so lovely as they all had our individual style on them even though they where the same page! The first one we did I have put a picture of my Nan. thought it did the page Justice with the lace and skeleton leaves (which I have a whole stack of but never knew what to do with them) and obviously a little bling!!
The second page!! looks really intricate but was very easy to do, this one is a my mum & her sister on Whit Sunday in 1955. Love the hibiscus flowers!! Last of all a beautiful bright picture of me and my girls on holiday a few years ago!! a bit of tearing, sewing and plenty of flowers. Can't believe we actually finished three pages today!! anyway we all enjoyed it so much we have already booked onto the next one!!